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TOPIC: How to track my order and understand the shipping 

Firstly and most importantly, thank you for placing an order with Fresh Beauty Co.

Once you place your order on our website, you would have been provided with an order number and an email receipt. These are important, please hold onto them for assured delivery and in case of a return/exchange issue.

Your order will then be processed and a tracking number provided to you within 48 hours. Again, you would have received an email with the tracking number. If not, click here for details on how to locate.

Delivery times are as follows:
Major Cities: 5-8 working days.
Other Cities: 8-10 working days.
Fragrance/HAZMAT orders: 7-12 working days (Considered Dangerous Goods, and are shipped by ground transport only)
Regional areas: 7-14 working days.
Remote areas: 10-14 working days.

Orders Coming From New York: Items that are listed as coming from New York have an estimated delivery time of 9-14 working days.

Please note that on our website, under the product listing, there is a little information note stating ' This product ships from USA'. It is worthwhile to notice this information and identify if your ordered products are coming from our New York warehouse. 

The image below shows the note:

NZ Post Tracking

If you have placed an order for delivery in New Zealand, the tracking number generally looks like this:  MX0001415389 and you can track the order here:

Some of the orders will be shipped via NZ Post and will look like this: AQ742110020NZ and you can track it here:

Please note that if you have ordered a fragrance (which are classified as HAZMAT/Dangerous Goods), it may take some additional time to clear customs and reflect the latest tracking updates. 

AusPost Tracking 

If you have placed an order for delivery within Australia, the tracking number generally looks like this:  333UF978263701001005000 and you can track it at

Tracking orders coming from USA

If you have placed an order with product listing that states 'This product ships from USA', the tracking number generally looks like this: PER0560US13753104001 and you can track it at

If you have ordered a fragrance, the tracking number would look like  LTN195288252N1 and you can track it at

DHL Express Shipping

If you have placed an order with paid DHL Express shipping, you can track your order here:

Customers worldwide also can pay for express delivery in 3 full working days for major cities, and 3 to 5 working days for all other locations. Fragrances are considered Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) and therefore do not qualify for 3 days express shipping.

Important to note: If your tracking does not give a result or says pending please DO NOT worry we can assure you that your orders are in transit, sometimes the NZ Post tracking system can take up to 5 days to update.

If you are still struggling to track your order, please email us at with your order number and we will be able to assist you. 

Thank you for reading and for your patience.

Fresh Beauty Co. Team

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